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About Intellias
Intellias is a provider of full-cycle software development services, with offices in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Krakow and with local presence in Berlin.
Operating since 2002, Intellias has 18 years of experience in helping leading European and North American technology companies create their software products by assembling and managing world-class engineering teams in Eastern Europe.
We have expertise in all mainstream technology stacks related to DevOps & Cloud, Mobile App Development, Data Science & Big Data, IoT & Embedded, Platform Development.

In 2020 the Intellias was ranked best IT company to work at and 5th best employers across industries by Forbes Ukraine. The same year the company was recognized as the best IT employer among biggest service companies in Ukraine according to Intellias also won the award "Bicycle-Friendly Employer of the Year" from U-Cycle.
1500 +
years of experience
of specialists are Strong Middle and Senior level
delivery offices
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educational events
What does it mean to be a developer at Intellias?
A humane attitude is what Intellias stands for no matter how fast we grow, we’ll never back down on that. What’s important to us is attention to personality, not do-it-like-this processes.

We start our day with ‘Good morning’, not status updates. There’s enough space in our office not only to work comfortably but also for crafting and implementing fresh ideas. We maintain a respectful, supportive atmosphere to maximize our achievements.
Intellias DevOps Expertise

Middle+ Level
We have open positions for Middle, Strong Middle, and Senior DevOps Engineers with variety of domains and tech stacks.
Delivery Centers
Our teams work in 9 Delivery Centers in Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Krakow.
DevOps Center of Excellence
Engineers with Senior+ Level are welcomed to join Center of Excellence amd help to define company's DevOps development vector.
Relocation Program
We always happy to invite to our DevOps teams seasoned engineers from other cities. Read more about our Relocation Program.
Discover our projects for DevOps Engineers
RRP Engagement Eсosystem
Our customer is a multinational corporation with more than a century of history and offices in over 180 countries. Their most ambitious goal at the time is to introduce a range of Reduced-Risk Products (RRPs), offering smokers a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. The target audience is more than 1 billion of consumers around the globe.
Intellias mission is to help a client with the engineering of a comprehensive software ecosystem for a game-changing IoT product on the margin of innovative consumer experience and cutting-edge technology. Our teams are involved in the engineering of core platform components for best in class eCommerce, Digital Marketing and IoT solutions. As a DevOps engineer you will become a part of Core Architecture Team and be responsible for the implementation of best practices in our Digital Engineering Enterprice Platform.
The Platform is a set of services and internet applications that accelerate the development and delivery of software applications by taking care of common SDLC challenges. The Platform provides access and consumption for engineering teams to a set of services, technologies, practices for their development and for operating their application, ensure a set of compliance and best practices.

Senior DevOps\SRE →

3+ years experience with AWS DevOps practice (EC2, S3, EKS, VPC, ALB, RDS, Lambda);

  • 3+ years experience in automation of daily tasks (CD/CI, configuration management, release automation);
  • 3+ years of programming (Python, Ruby, Go);
High-Tech Consumer Engagement Platform

Our client is the fastest-growing global tobacco manufacturing company. An international corporation with over hundred years of history, internationally recognized brands and Reduced-Risk Products. Intellias mission is to support their strategy and efforts in Digital and eCommerce space (eCommerce and other apps mobile apps, payment gateways, loyalty system, search engine, employee management, identity management etc.)

A newly conceptualized Digital Eco System is comprised of set of capabilities including online shop & website, linking online & offline, customization & personalization, engagement & membership, digital product & services main differences.

Strong Middle / Senior DevOps →

3-5 years of relevant experience;

  • Proficient Azure knowledge and practical understanding of the wide range of services available;
  • Experience with containerization technologies (Kubernetes/Docker);
FinTech project

The Client is a large multi-national financial services group.

The client has been on its cloud journey for several years, so the majority of the operational tasks and use cases have been solved:

  • AWS (broad coverage of platform, > 80% service coverage)
  • Terraform scripts available
  • Primarily focus on cloud-native event-based and microservices architectures
  • CI/CD and data platforms leverage AWS native services and custom-built code (Python and Node.js)

The client admires AWS certifications, so if you don't have one, but want to - there will be a chance to pass the way from Cloud Practitioner to Solution Architect.

About the project:

The team primarily focuses on enabling the use of cloud technology within the bank, i.e. using the latest AWS services and the patterns for general deployment, providing the necessary guidelines, process and governance for their consumption, etc. For example, the team is currently making the simplified platform use of Infrastructure as Code and its deployment/adoption across the organization.

Middle AWS DevOps →

2+ years working with AWS in a DevOps / Administrator / Security areas;

  • Experience with the serverless approaches using AWS Lambda;
  • In-depth knowledge of AWS IAM and Networking;

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Does the project techstack totally match with your skills but you live in another city?

Our Relocation program gives you the opportunity to live and work in the cities where our offices are located.

So if you like the project we'll help you join it by organizing а trouble-free move!

Help with a move
We will help you arrange a move, considering your personal circumstances, needs and wishes.
Accommodation search
Personal Travel Assistant will help you navigate the selection of accommodation in the city.
Relocation bonus
The relocation program foresees one-time bonus. Bonus amount depends on your position and project.
Travel expenses
We will pay travel expenses for you and your family members when you go by train or car (fuel cost).
Job search consultancy for your partner
Our recruiter will review and improve the resume and provide general recommendations.
Getting around the city
We will organize a city excursion for you and your family that will help you better adapt to the new environment.
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